Kettering Old Grammar School


The Foundation operates through a Finance Committee, Benefits Committee, and the Govilon Management Committee.

Finance Committee

Members meet as and when required to discuss the Foundation's investment portfolio and to make decisions about the funding of future projects.

Mr David Watson (Chair)
Mr Christopher Groome (Deputy Chair)
Mr Maurice Bayes
Mr Bill Parker

Benefits Committee

Members meet quarterly to discuss all grant applications received from individuals, schools and organisations. Interviews will also take place with those individuals who have applied for a bursary.

The Benefits Committee has delegated authority to deal with straightforward applications. The Committee also provides a mentoring service during meetings with applicants.

Recommendations by the Benefits Committee in respect of all applications are forwarded to the full Board of Directors for approval at their next quarterly meeting. The Board of Directors makes the final decision in respect of all grants or assistance to be made.

Mrs Pat Scouse (Chair)
Mrs Shona Scrimshaw (Vice-Chair)
Mr Ghite Bhavra
Mr Mark Bodicoat
Mr Stuart Welch
Mr Christopher Groome (ex-officio)
Mr David Watson (ex-officio)

Govilon Management Committee

Members meet quarterly to discuss all matters relating to the running of the Foundation's outdoor activity centre at Govilon - a village near Abergavenny, South Wales.

Mrs Maggie Mitchell (Chair)
Mr Anthony Shemilt (Vice-chair)
Mr Maurice Bayes
Mr Jeff Kyte
Mr Bill Parker
Mrs Pat Scouse
Mrs Sue Walters
Mr Christopher Groome (ex officio)
Mr David Watson (ex-officio)