Kettering Old Grammar School


The Board of Directors meets quarterly to oversee the Foundation's work, and to decide on grants and bursaries to be awarded.

The Board of Directors

The Foundation's Board of Directors consists of two members nominated by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) plus up to 11 co-opted members, who are appointed to the Board to offer the skills and experience needed to control a charity of this nature. The NCC nominees serve for a period of four years, and the co-opted directors serve for five years. All directors may be re-appointed for subsequent terms.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly - in June (AGM), September, December, and March - and makes the final decision in respect of all grants or assistance to be awarded.


Directors currently in office

Mr Christopher Groome (Chairman)  
Mr David Watson (Vice-Chairman)  
Mr Maurice Bayes  
Mr Ghite Bhavra  
Mr Mark Bodicoat  
Mr Jeff Kyte  
Mrs Maggie Mitchell  
Mr Bill Parker  
Mrs Pat Scouse  
Mrs Shona Scrimshaw  
Mr Anthony Shemilt  
Mrs Susan Walters  
Mr Stuart Welch