Kettering Old Grammar School

Our role

Kettering Old Grammar School Foundation is a registered charity with funds available to help the education of local young people.

The Foundation's purpose

Kettering Old Grammar School Foundation supports personal and educational development by enabling young people with latent talent to excel, supporting scholarship, backing innovative pilot schemes, and pump-priming the development of additional educational facilities. The Foundation also takes into account the ability and need.  

Use of funds

After payment of expenses, the Foundation's net annual income is used to:
  • Provide special benefits of any kind not normally provided by the Local Education Authority, for any school in the Borough of Kettering.
  • Promote the education (including social and physical training) of children and young adults living in the Borough of Kettering, who are attending - or who have for not less than two years attended - an educational institution in the Borough.
  • Provide assistance for schools that have difficulty in raising money via their own fundraising.

Types of support available

The Foundation supports the education and training of young people through:
  • the awarding of scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, maintenance allowances or grants to enable individuals to study at school or higher education institution.
  • the provision of financial assistance, clothing, tools, books, instruments, etc. to enable young people to pursue their education (including the study of music and the arts), and to prepare for, or to enter, a profession, trade or calling.
  • the awarding of grants, bursaries or scholarships to educational institutions for the benefit of young people who meet the previously mentioned requirements of local residency and school attendance.

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