Personal grants & bursaries may be awarded by the Foundation to eligible young people to support their education and development.


Support for individuals



A grant is a 'one-off payment' for a specific educational purpose - for instance, to provide a college or university grant.

Consideration is primarily given to youngsters who have special family circumstances - such as those in receipt of working family tax credit, income support, invalidity benefit or jobseeker's allowance. The Directors also consider young people who are completely on their own financially and could not complete their course without the Foundation's help. In all cases, it helps if the application is supported by a recommendation from the school.

Schools and organisations may also apply for grants to support the education of young people from the Borough of Kettering.



A bursary may be awarded to young people who show exceptional talent - for instance, in the arts or sports - and, as for grant applications, bursaries are only considered for those young people who live in Kettering or in the Borough of Kettering.

Funding will take into account the support required by that youngster over their training, performing and competing period, which can be a number of years. Before reaching a decision, the Foundation's Directors usually speak to the young person concerned, and will take into account the financial situation of their parents - who are also interviewed - to see what support is required. A bursary is generally awarded for a particular academic year, and paid in three termly instalments.

Reports on progress and achievements are required throughout the year from the youngster and/or their parents. Funding may be continued, but reviews may be required on a yearly basis depending on the amount of bursary given.