Kettering Old Grammar School

Application forms

Application forms for grants and bursaries can be downloaded from this page - which also gives guidance on how to complete the forms.

Guidance on completing forms

Before filling in one of our application forms - which can be downloaded using the appropriate link on the right hand side of this page - you may find it helpful to look at four other sections of this website:

General points

If you wish to be considered for a grant or bursary, please use the correct application form and make sure you include the following information:
  • Your current address. Students living away at college or university should ensure that their Kettering home address is also shown on the application form.
  • Daytime telephone number. This is in case we need to contact you about your application.
  • The purpose of the grant or bursary. This should specify the name of the course or the nature of the project, plus the location, dates and annual cost. Please note that grants and bursaries cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  • Financial details. Before we can make a decision on your application we need to know if you will receive funding from other sources, and if your family has special circumstances. This is because in the past, the Foundation was able to award grants automatically, but the rising demand for our funds and the need to support other projects mean that this is no longer possible. However, consideration is still given to youngsters who have special family circumstances - such as those in receipt of working family tax credit, income support, invalidity benefit or jobseeker's allowance. Our bursary application form requires even more detail about the financial circumstances of the applicant and their family.
  • Personal endorsement. All applications should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a head teacher or other suitable sponsor.