Kettering Old Grammar School

The application process

All applications are considered by the Foundation's Benefits Committee, and then by the Board of Directors for a final decision.

What happens to your application?

All applications are received by the Foundation's office. Having been checked for completeness, they are then presented to the next meeting of the Foundation's Benefits Committee - which is held about two to four weeks before each of the quarterly Directors' meetings in June (AGM), September, December and March.

In the case of bursaries, the Foundation's Directors will interview the young person concerned together with their parent(s)/guardian/tutor/coach, and will take into account the financial situation of the parent(s)/guardian/tutor/coach to see what support is required.

The recommendations of the Benefits Committee are considered by the Directors, who make a final decision based on how closely the applications meet the criteria for the Foundation's support. Grants and bursaries cannot be awarded retrospectively.

After the Directors' meeting, the Foundation's office contacts each applicant to tell them if they have been awarded a grant or bursary.